Which brands are using coupons to buy digital content?

By using coupons, retailers can collect revenue and keep customers happy, but they’re not always the best idea, experts say.As retailers seek to tap into the ever-growing digital audience, some are making the jump from print to digital.Some of the more popular digital brands include Amazon.com, Amazon Prime, Apple and Google.Others include Walmart, Costco and […]

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Which of these digital clocks can you trust?

Digital thermometers have a lot to do with whether your kids will be able to read your email, play a video game, or even play with the same toy.And that could have serious consequences.Digital thermometer manufacturers say they can do more than measure the temperature of a piece of plastic.Instead, they use the power of […]

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Five things you didn’t know about the digital thermometers

FourFourFourTwo article New Zealand has launched its first digital thermometric thermometers, to be fitted to all new vehicles.Digital thermometers have been around since 2010, but are now the preferred way of measuring ambient temperature and humidity in many areas of New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch and Nelson.Digital thermostats use an electronic device which measures the […]

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Best digital antenna for $25 and up

Digital antennas have been around for years and they are still popular.While they are not as powerful as some more expensive ones, they offer a huge amount of functionality and the ability to add and remove signals, something that a few other cheaper antennas can’t.Here are some of the best digital antennas on the market […]

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