The first digital art app is a bit of a head-scratcher.

After years of development, the latest version of one of the most popular digital art apps has been criticized by some artists as “disrespectful to artists,” and the latest beta is being discontinued.

“Digital Art” has been around for almost a decade now, and it’s a popular app for artists to upload their work.

It’s a way to get their work seen by millions of people, but it’s also an increasingly popular tool for those who don’t have access to a physical studio.

“Artists, especially those who are young and talented, are looking for a way for their work to be seen by more people, and this app was meant to do that,” says David Schulman, who founded the app and is a partner at Digital Art Studios.

“I think it’s really important to understand what it is artists are up against, and how they can leverage their skills to be recognized and monetized by their fans.”

The first beta of “Digital Artist” was released in May of last year, but a new version has been delayed because of “a new beta for an issue with our website.”

The new beta, known as “beta 3,” was supposed to go live last month, but the update was pushed back due to a “technical issue.”

Artists are being asked to switch to the new version of “digital artist,” which is now the beta version.

The app is still available on the App Store and Google Play, but Schulmann says it is “currently unavailable.”

A developer on the project, which is called “DigitalArt,” says that the new beta will fix some bugs.

“This is a great first beta for us,” says developer Adam Zalasiewicz.

“The issues we have were with the way we’re creating artwork, and the way the website was supposed for it to work.

But it’s been a good first beta and we’re hoping to bring it back out in the final version.”

The app allows artists to create their own digital art and upload it to the website.

There’s a tutorial, a set of tips and tricks to help artists create their works, and a gallery of digital art to look at.

The tutorial has been a popular feature of ” Digital Artist ,” which has been downloaded over 30 million times.

“If you’re not familiar with the art, it’s basically a collection of art, and artists can upload their own artwork to the site,” Zalinsiewicz says.

“We’ve got a collection here that artists can use to create artwork.

The website is a curated list of artists that have been creating their artwork, as well as their artwork on the app.”

There are a lot of different tools available for artists.

Zaliniewicz says he has a bunch of tools for the iPad, a bunch for the iPhone, and “a bunch for Mac.

The iPad is really nice, because it has the same level of power and capabilities as the iPhone.

It has all of the tools we would want, and more.”

There’s also a “Create Your Art” feature, where artists can create their artwork and send it to other artists who have already made it, Zalinasiewicz says, “which makes it easy to share with your fans.”

Users can create as many or as few artworks as they want, but Zalinosiewicz says “Artist” can only make up to six different works.

“You’re limited to six artwork,” Zalsiewicz says of the app.

“And the number of artworks you can upload per day, per month, per year, per lifetime is limited to 12.

You can upload an unlimited amount of artwork per day.”

It also offers a variety of ways for artists get paid.

Artists can upload works to the AppStore, which lets artists sell the artworks to other users.

“All the works you create on the website are automatically added to the artists’ payroll,” Zalesiewicz says to support his claim that “digital art is a money making proposition.”

“The more work you create, the more money you make,” Zalei says.

The first release of “Artist” came out in October of last years, but many artists have been disappointed with the beta.

“It’s a very difficult beta to get through for artists,” Zalgiris says.

Some artists say the beta is “not that much different than the other version,” he says.

There are still a lot issues to be worked out with the app, and there are also some bugs with the website that have resulted in artists being banned from uploading their work there.

“People are complaining on the forum that it’s not working properly and it doesn’t show the artwork they want,” Zafiris says of “artist.”

“There are a number of bugs that have occurred and we are working on them.

We’ve been testing the app in beta mode for the