Fox Sports will give aspiring digital marketers a boost this season by expanding the digital footprint of its teams.

The network said Tuesday that it will offer digital coaching for digital teams starting this fall, with an additional two digital-only opportunities for next year.

The network said the opportunities will focus on creating digital experiences that complement the live broadcast and deliver engaging content for fans.

The digital offerings will be in line with the programming that was previously offered on Fox Sports Go, including live coverage of MLB playoff games and highlights from major sporting events.

The first two digital opportunities will be a limited-time opportunity to help build digital awareness and build brand awareness of a player, the network said in a statement.

The third opportunity will offer a new opportunity to engage with fans about a player or team, with the option to customize a customized video and digital content to be shared through social media.

The three new digital opportunities are part of a broader initiative to expand digital content and digital tools across the network, with additional opportunities to help brands and businesses understand how digital can impact their operations.

The new digital initiatives will help marketers better understand digital trends and help brands gain more digital visibility in a digital-rich environment, the Fox Sports network said.

Fox Sports said it is working with the MLB Players Association to expand the digital experience, which will be offered through the MLB App, MLB Network and

The partnership is part of an effort by MLB to further embrace digital, said Matt Schulman, senior vice president and senior digital marketing director for MLB.

The networks expansion comes as the league is expanding its digital footprint to include live and on-demand content, including the app, and new digital tools and tools for broadcasters to help marketers reach audiences on the go.

The MLB app will provide fans access to exclusive content on multiple platforms including the Apple TV and Roku box, as well as live streaming on MLB.TV and MLB Network.

The MLB app and MLB network have become popular for viewers, with MLB fans spending nearly two billion minutes per month on the platform, according to comScore.

The league has been expanding the app to more than 50 million subscribers and is looking to expand to more countries, including Mexico and China.

The two new digital offerings are part, and will be available on iOS and Android devices, and through the NFL Mobile app, MLB Mobile, and MLB Fan App.

In addition, MLB announced a new digital platform that it calls the Digital Impact Network.

It will offer content, resources and tools to help companies understand the digital and digital-focused opportunities available for digital and social marketing, with a focus on digital engagement.

The platform is available for use by brands, advertisers and others in the digital space, according the network.

The digital Impact Network is part, but not exclusive, of the network’s Digital Impact Strategy, which was announced in December 2016.

The strategy, which includes digital initiatives, digital content, social media marketing and digital technology, was developed in partnership with the National Retail Federation and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.