A digital drawing tablet that lets you create your own artworks in your pocket is about to become available for a much lower price than it was a decade ago.

Digital drawing tablets were designed to help people create art in their pocket or purse, but the devices can also be used for online artworks.

The new iPad Pro tablet has a touchscreen display, which is capable of drawing pictures and text, and an internal camera that captures video and images.

This means it can be used to draw, paint, draw on paper, and do more.

The iPad Pro is the first tablet to come with a camera built in.

It also comes with a digital sketchbook that lets users create artworks from photos, videos, and text.

The camera has the ability to take a photo and then save it as a 3D vector file, which can then be used in 3D modelling software.

Digital sketchbooks can be purchased on the Apple App Store, Amazon, and Google Play for $99, $199, and $299 respectively.