When the Miami Heat took a photo of a jersey of NBA legend Magic Johnson on the court during a recent game, the league was forced to acknowledge the jersey’s resemblance to one worn by former San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan, who was a member of the Heat.

Duncan had his own jersey printed with the same logo, but it was the Heat’s that earned the most attention, as the logo was an integral part of the league’s branding.

The league’s new digital camouflage was inspired by Duncan’s jersey, but the new look is more subtle than the old one.

“There’s more of a playful element to it,” Heat assistant GM Jim Gorman told Bleacher Report.

“It’s not a throwback to the old uniforms.”

While the Heat have had their share of jerseys worn by players over the years, they’ve been most visible in the past few years.

The Spurs jersey was the most visible when the Spurs’ roster was in flux, and it also had the largest fan base, as well as a larger following online.

The Heat’s new jersey is slightly smaller than the Spurs and has a slightly more subdued look.

The jersey is currently available in two sizes, so the Heat can choose from either one of the two options on the front, with the option of adding more to the front if they so desire.

The front of the jersey features the same Heat branding as the old version, but there’s a slight hint of green to match the new design.

The sleeves feature a new logo, which includes a circular design around the left shoulder.

The sleeve design is also much more detailed than before, and there’s also a slightly larger logo in the center of the front.

On the back, there are three additional design elements, with a green outline that indicates the logo will be printed on the back of the jerseys.

Heat GM Dan Gilbert told Bleachers Report that he wanted the jersey to “reflect the new and innovative design of the team.”

He also said the jersey was designed with a goal in mind, which is to “create the most modern, authentic, and authentic look for our team.”

The Heat have also released a new digital camo version of the uniform for its fans, with three new colors for each sleeve.

The new camo is also very subtle, as it only has a few details visible.

In addition to the jersey, the Heat has also unveiled a new uniform for their home court: the Heat Camo.

The uniform is made up of three different uniforms, with each of the uniforms representing different teams and eras.

It features a unique Heat logo that appears on the sleeve, chest, and back.

While there’s no logo on the jersey itself, it features the “H” in Heat, which stands for the Heat name.

The camo features the new logo on a new strip that appears around the front of each sleeve, as shown above.

The Camo Uniform is available at Heat.com for $199, while the Camo Jacket is available for $169.

The Miami Heat’s official camo jersey can be found here.