The latest version of the Digital Card Ranking looks at a selection of the top digital cards in Serie E. The list is compiled by two members of the editorial team of the Serie A publication, Football Italian.

First to win the top Digital Card in the Champions League is Parma.

The card is the highest paid player in the country, but has yet to earn a trophy.

The card is made up of two parts.

The first part is the player’s name, the second is the digital currency value (DV), which indicates how much a player is worth.

The value is based on the market price of the digital card.

The lower the value, the higher the price paid.

Parma is the best Digital Card this season with a value of 3,400€.

That’s $35,000.

Juventus and Udinese are also top performers with their cards with values of 3.1 and 3.3 million, respectively.

However, Parma and Juventus both have lower values than Parma, Udinese, and Juventus.

Parma is at $3.8 million while Juventus is at about $5.5 million.

Udinese is the fourth most expensive digital card with a price tag of $4.9 million.

The value of Parma’s card is based upon the market value of the card.

Udina’s card has a value on the order of $3 million.

That card was signed by Milan coach Zdenek Zeman, but it is not guaranteed to last.

Juventus also has a very low value for the card with only a value around $1 million.

Pristina, meanwhile, has a card that is worth $2.6 million.

The team is owned by the city of Pristina.

Its value is $2 million.

It is not clear if Parma will sell the card to the highest bidder.

It’s hard to know exactly how much Parma has in the bank.

The bank is a private entity and it is unlikely to make a profit.

The other members of its board are not public.

The financial picture of Pria is difficult to gauge because Parma does not publish its financial statements.

In the last financial year, Pria had a turnover of just over $1.7 million.

This year’s edition of the ranking is the first time that Parma did not win the Digital Cards.

Pristinas 2015-16 team had the highest DV value of all digital cards at 4.1 million, but was only able to get past Juventus.

Pria has had a great season with an impressive run in the top flight.

The Giallorossi have made five consecutive league wins, with only one loss.

They are currently sixth in the table with four points.

Pria has been the only team in the league that has managed to stay unbeaten.

Pramas season has been an exciting one, with two draws and three wins.

It has also been a challenging season for Udinese.

The two sides have played each other five times.

Udine have won all four of those matches.

The teams last meeting was a 3-2 win in Milan in August.

Udines next game is Saturday when they travel to Fiorentina to face Parma for the fifth time.