On Friday, Microsoft announced its newest Xbox console and the Xbox 360.

But it also announced two new Xbox consoles, Xbox One and Xbox One S. Microsoft is now the only console maker with a “digital notebook” version of its console.

The “digital” notebook is a physical computer with an HDMI port and a touchscreen.

The console itself is a digital computer with a physical keyboard.

Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox Live and Xbox apps are all free to download, but the console itself costs $399.

The Xbox One digital notebook also has a “gaming console” for games, but it is not yet officially announced.

Microsoft says the new console and digital notebook are the “worlds first interactive devices that can be used as the main entertainment device in your home.”

They will be available for download on March 1.

And there is a big difference between the two.

Microsoft said the new Xbox console is the most powerful console of its kind.

It can run four times as fast as the previous-generation Xbox One console.

It has 10 times the graphics processing power of the previous generation console.

And it has more RAM than the Xbox One’s 4GB.

And the Xbox S, which Microsoft said was a new generation console with more powerful specs, will be $399 in March.

Both consoles have 16GB of storage.

Xbox One also has 10GB of RAM and can run up to four times faster than the previous model.

Microsoft has also said that it is working with video game makers to create Xbox 360-specific software, and that it will release “console-specific” versions of their games for free in the future.

That means that Microsoft’s console makers will be able to make more of their software available to consumers.

The new Xbox is the first Xbox to support the Xbox TV streaming service, which lets you watch movies and TV shows on your TV and set up games.

The only other Xbox to do so is the Xbox 720.

Microsoft also said the console has “an immersive experience that enables you to experience the world around you from the comfort of your living room.”

The console will support “360 degree video, including up to 360 degrees in front and behind you.”

The Xbox 360, on the other hand, will support only a “front and center view,” meaning you won’t see the screen of your TV or TV stand.

The next-generation console is also the first one to have a 4K display, which is higher resolution than the current 4K TVs.

Microsoft hopes to launch the new PS4, PS5 and PS4 Pro at the same time, though Microsoft has yet to reveal what those three console configurations will look like.