Hacker News user @Derek_L_Tucker posted the following:I’m going to do this for the $1 purchase price.

I just bought the game ‘Dance of Death’ for $9.99.

I was expecting $2.99, but I’m actually paying $3.99 for the game.

How do I make the $2 I paid for this game?

It’s simple.

Use Acme digital coupon codes!

I recommend using the following code, which you can find on their site.

To get started, follow these steps:1.

Log in to your Acme account.2.

Click on the ‘My Coupon Codes’ tab.3.

Enter your email address, then enter the code.4.

Click Save.5.

When you go to the Acme app, you’ll see the ‘Acme Coupons’ section.6.

You can find the code for ‘Dancing of Death’, and use it to buy Dance of Death.

The $2 purchase price was a bit high for me, but it was worth it for the extra money I got for the purchase.

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