The National Football League is preparing to cut its digital and television programming and focus on video content in an effort to boost its bottom line.

The league has been trying to lure away viewers for months and has spent more than $600 million to upgrade its network, according to ESPN.

The network, which airs primetime games on ESPN, is now showing fewer than three hours of programming per day.

It’s not the same, though, because ESPN is a cable network that doesn’t get paid for advertising.

As the NFL moves to make money off its network from its broadcast partners, it needs to find ways to grow advertising revenue and keep advertisers happy.

ESPN, the world’s biggest sports network, has been one of the league’s most valuable assets.

It’s now worth about $2 billion a year in advertising, according a report by The New York Times.

The plan for the network is to eliminate the “digital footprint” and focus instead on producing and distributing content, the report said.

The NFL is planning to begin airing its first video content on its network this fall.

The network will debut a new show on Saturday nights with NFL Films that will air on ESPN2.

The show will be about a former NFL player who became an independent contractor and helps make documentaries about sports and the NFL.

The program is called “The Story of the NFL.”

The network will also be airing a new documentary series on Saturday night that will be produced by the same team that worked on the movie “Lone Survivor.”

The goal is to make the content available to the public, and to make it a bit more entertaining.

The new programming will be delivered through ESPN, according the report.

The plans were first reported by The Times.ESPN declined to comment.