NHL fans can expect to pay a bit more to buy digital gift cards online when the NHL launches digital toothbrushes this fall.

NHL Digital is launching a new service, NHL Digital Toothbrush, which is available in stores and online for $99.99 per month. 

The service is available through the NHL Shop.

For $99 per year, the NHL will allow NHL Digital to charge a monthly fee of $9.99 for digital gift card purchases and $14.99 each time the card is used.

The NHL is offering this offer to all digital cardholders, but it is only available to digital card holders with an active NHL account.

For those who have been active cardholders for a while, the price may seem reasonable.

However, it is possible that cardholders with no active NHL accounts will be charged less than those with active accounts.

The other major digital toothpaste product the NHL is launching this year is the Toothbrush Plus, which costs $79.99.

The NHL is rolling out the toothpaste for a limited time.

The toothpaste will be available on a one-time delivery basis starting Friday, Oct. 16, the company announced today.

The ToothbrushPlus is designed to be an all-in-one toothbrush for kids and adults. 

There is a separate Toothbrush Pro subscription that costs $99 a year for adults and $99 for children.

The subscription comes with three different toothbrushing brushes that each have a maximum of one toothbrush capacity and will be compatible with any of the four toothbrush styles.

There are also two other toothbrush styles available, and the subscription includes three more.

The Toothbrush Premium subscription includes a range of accessories that include a toothbrush brush holder, a brush brush, a toothpaste holder, and a toothpick holder.

The Premium subscription also includes a refillable toothbrush with a maximum capacity of five gallons.

The subscription is currently available for those who want to continue using the Toothbrushes Plus service as long as they are registered with the NHL.

However if they have any outstanding issues, they will need to call the NHL customer service line at 800-655-2335.

The toothbrush subscription also comes with a complimentary digital gift certificate that can be redeemed for one of the six NHL digital toothpastes available for $49.99, the premium toothbrush.

The gift certificate can be used to purchase any NHL digital or traditional toothbrush on the NHL’s website.