Digital scanner has always been a niche product, but the advent of cloud computing has given rise to the notion that the only way to keep up with the new digital beast is to become an Amazon Digital Orders (AMO) orders processor. 

It has been an idea that has been around for a long time, with Amazon using AMO to process the purchase of new hardware and software.

The idea of AMO processing is to process orders and deliver them on time.

But it seems like Amazon isn’t interested in that. 

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced today that Amazon will no longer support AMO, at least for now. 

“As Amazon moves toward becoming a cloud-based e-commerce company, we have made clear that AMO is not the right way to serve our customers,” Bezos wrote. 

AMO is a product that Amazon is selling in its Prime Instant Video service, but Amazon is not selling the AMO scanner to customers directly.

Instead, AMO orders are processed on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTU) platform. 

That’s why Amazon has decided to stop supporting AMO for now, and will stop selling the scanner. 

But Amazon is still making money from AMO. 

While Amazon has been profitable from AMOs for a while, that has not kept up with digital scanner sales. 

The AMO scanners have traditionally been a pain in the butt for Amazon.

Amazon’s current AMO product, the Digital Cone scanner, is expensive and difficult to use.

The scanner itself can take up to five minutes to scan a piece of paper, and it requires an internet connection to work properly. 

In the meantime, Amazon has started offering discounts for customers who purchase AMO products. 

So Amazon will continue to make money from the scanners, but they won’t make much money on them. 

What does this mean for you? 

Amazon is not making money by selling the Amazon scanner, but it will continue making money if customers purchase the AMOs.

The Amazon scanner is a pain to use, but most people are more likely to purchase AMOs because of the low cost. 

I understand that the Amazon scanners are still popular, and that people are still using them.

That means Amazon will make money. 

And that means Amazon should stop selling them.