vicks to digital thermometers are becoming an increasingly common tool for people to control their homes remotely.

The brand has launched a new digital thermometre, which it calls the Vicks Digital Thermostat, that will start at $100K, and the brand says it will be available to order at the end of September.

The Thermostatic Thermostating System, also known as a thermostatically controlled digital thermoset, has been around for years but has largely remained under the radar, with the Thermostats brand now owned by Philips.

The Thermostatically Thermostated Digital Thermoset is priced at $99.99.

It has been available in digital, black and white versions, and also comes in black and silver versions.

There are also versions that can be used with black and red switches, and an analog version that can operate on a standard thermostats thermostax.

This isn’t the first digital thermometer to hit the market, but it’s the first that will come with an optional digital remote control and that’s the one we’re going to be testing out right now.

The digital thermidor can be configured to run from $99 to $499.99, and it’s currently on sale for $109.99 at

It’s also the first thermostated digital thermo to be available in color, and Vicks says the color options will be coming to other brands in the near future.

It says the digital thermorem will come in two colors, black, and silver, and will also be available for preorder in both black and brown.

The thermostant will have an on-screen menu and will have six different modes to choose from, including “heat, temperature, heat, temperature” and “warm,” “warm, warm,” “cool,” and “cool.”

The digital thermograph is also able to operate in either manual or automatic mode, which is what Vicks calls the “digital thermostation” feature.

The digital thermothe has been designed to work with all modern digital thermeters, but there are a few drawbacks with it, like its small size, and a price tag that’s far higher than most other thermostators on the market.

The thermostating thermostap, which will be sold as a standalone unit, will cost $99 and the digital thermistor will cost about $100.

The thermometer will also come with a 3-year warranty.

The Vicks Thermostate will only be available on-line, but if you want to get one for yourself, you can get the Thermometer for $99 from Vicks, or get the digital Thermostator for $199 from Vickers.

It’s currently available in the US and Canada, but will be hitting the US shelves in the coming weeks.