Digital Storm has been on a tear in recent months, and today the company has announced its first-ever PC.

The company is the world’s largest maker of digital video recorders, and the $99 Digital Storm Alpha is the most powerful digital recorder on the market, according to Digital Storm VP and president of marketing Paul Clements.

“We believe the Alpha is an ideal solution for the growing digital video market,” Clements said.

“It has a huge video recorder built-in, which can capture HD video at up to 30 fps, and it can do so with a super low power consumption.

The Alpha also comes with an all-in-one, low-power USB hub that allows it to connect to other devices without having to plug them in to the PC.”

With that, you can now get a PC that’s as powerful as a full-sized desktop computer.

Digital Storm is the first company to offer an all in one PC that can be plugged into other devices, such as an Xbox One or PS4, without having them connected to the power supply.

You’ll also be able to plug it into your TV with HDMI and mini DisplayPort inputs, which should come in handy when you need to watch a movie or take a photo.

DigitalStorm Alpha PC specs Processor Intel Core i5-2420M processor (quad-core)