Digital Naut is a new podcast that brings together a diverse cast of creators, including the people behind the digital natives, from the people who are producing it, to the people that are making it happen.

Each episode brings in some of the best in digital music, film, games, art, and more to bring listeners together to discuss their music and their craft.

Today we bring you two new episodes: “The Great Music Breakdown” and “What’s The Big Deal?”

This is a full episode with new interviews, music, and other great content to bring you the most up-to-date digital music news.

If you’re a fan of the podcast, this is an episode you must check out!

Listen to the episode below!

“The Podcast Breakdown: Episode 7 – The Great Music Breaking Down” (M4A) Digital Nuns are a new project of Digital Naps that will be releasing music every week for the next month.

Every week, Digital Nans will bring together a rotating cast of producers, musicians, and others from the community, and make some of their favorite tunes available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

This week, they are featuring some of some of this community’s favorite musicians.

We’ve already had the opportunity to sit down with The Great Spotify Breakdown, a playlist that includes artists like Jhene Aiko, A$AP Rocky, and Jorja Smith.

If this is something you’re interested in, this episode is perfect for you!

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“What Is The Big Difference Between Music, Film, and Art?”

(MP3) The Great Film Breakdown is an in-depth episode that looks at the difference between music, films, and art.

This episode features interviews with music, actors, directors, and musicians alike, who will discuss the different forms of art that make up modern art.

If your looking for a bit more in-person, or if you’re in the mood to take the listener through the process of making a new song or video, this one is perfect!

Listen below!