The Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson had a message for those who want to take his digital art out of the home: “Take your art to the streets.”

Wilson made the comment during an appearance on the podcast “All The Flicks” with host Jim Trotter.

In an interview earlier this month, Wilson shared that he has always loved making art.

The Seattle quarterback has a love for photography and even created his own brand of digital painting called “Ethereal.”

Wilson also said he’s proud of the way he uses digital technology to help make his life better.

“It’s just been an evolution.

I’m really proud of what we’ve done in that space,” he said.

Wilson has had to do a lot of work with digital technology, too.

In 2013, Wilson became the first player to ever make the NFL’s All-Pro team, and he also won his first Pro Bowl.

He’s also the only quarterback to have two Super Bowl appearances.

Wilson is also making an effort to get more people to appreciate digital art.

His latest project is “Equal Pay,” a digital painting inspired by the recent pay discrimination legislation in the U.S. He plans to use his artwork in an online video campaign with the hashtag #EqualPay2020.

Wilson’s “Equals Pay” project also included a mural of his face and the caption “This is the world that I want.”

Wilson said that the “Equality 2020” campaign will not be a full-on campaign, but will focus on topics such as pay equity and racial equity.

“This is really just a starting point for what we can do together,” Wilson said.

“It will take time.

It will take a lot more work, and I know it will take some time.

But I’m proud of how we’re taking it.”