The Times Of India, an English-language newspaper published in India, on Sunday quoted the late author Prasanna Mukherjee as saying that “a digital-only world is inevitable”.

Mukherji, who died in 2014, wrote in his book The Digital Reader that a digital age is inevitable, as the global digital economy expands.

“A digital world has always existed.

There is no need for any new era, it has already been happening for years.

This is why I am writing,” Mukherjis book said.

Mukheri was an avid reader and an avid critic of the digital economy, a term used in the book to describe the shift from paper to digital technology that he had written about extensively in his books.

The Times of Indian article said that Mukherjit’s comments were a nod to a number of prominent critics of the globalisation of the publishing industry.

“His book The New Digital Reader was written in the context of the changing digital landscape and it is likely to influence the development of the industry.

He was not the first to speak of this change, but he was the first one to speak so openly,” the article said.