Digital dream labs are a new breed of technology that lets you use your phone to make digital recordings of yourself, such as taking selfies or listening to music.

It’s all done on your phone and can be used to create a digital copy of yourself.

Now there’s a new startup, Digital Tape Measure, that aims to bring it to the masses.

The idea is to give people the option to create digital copies of themselves in a way that doesn’t involve a smartphone.

This will allow them to create an image of themselves that can be sent as a PDF, or a file with a file name.

The digital image will be stored on your smartphone and you can then upload it to any website where you want to upload a photo or a video.

The goal is to create something that’s personal, private and easily accessible to anyone.

So far, the startup has had over 20,000 customers sign up to use its services.

Digital tape measure has already attracted a lot of attention, but its real focus is to make a product that will really be useful.

The startup has a $3 million funding round and hopes to have a prototype of the product on the market by the end of this year.

So, how does it work?

Here’s a short explainer on how the company works: A recording of your life can be created on your iPhone using a simple process called “digital recording.”

This process is used by companies like Snapchat and Instagram to get photos and videos of themselves uploaded to the platform.

The process is easy to do, and it requires very little hardware.

Just connect your phone via Bluetooth and then connect to the computer to capture a video, say a quick photo.

The software will then convert the video to a file format and send it to a server for processing.

Once the file is uploaded, the user can upload the file to any service or website where they want to share the file.

This is the key feature of digital tape measure.

You don’t have to spend time and money creating a digital image.

It can be uploaded to any of the hundreds of digital recording apps and services that are available.

The only thing you have to do is upload the video file to your smartphone.

The company is currently working on a mobile app, and its working on other digital recording applications that will also work on mobile phones.

The app can be downloaded for free, and the company is already looking for developers to help build the software.

It has a few more weeks to raise money and has raised $15,000.

But even if the startup doesn’t make it into the mainstream, the fact that it has attracted so much interest suggests that the technology will become increasingly popular in the future.

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