When youre stuck in a traffic jam, the best thing to do is stay home.

According to a recent study by the Jerusalem Post, when youre caught in a jam, your best bet is to stay put, keep your distance and not look for the nearest exit. 

In fact, the study found that people in traffic jams who stayed home had higher levels of anxiety and depression.

According to the study, “The longer you are stuck in the jam, more anxious you feel.

Youre not as alert, so you dont see things clearly and its easier to stay in the traffic.” 

The study also showed that people who were stuck in congestion in Israel were at greater risk of developing depression.

In addition, people who stayed at home were more likely to be stressed and less likely to feel well. 

As a result, people with anxiety disorders and depression are particularly at risk of being in traffic accidents and other traffic-related incidents.

While the study was conducted in Israel, it also found that the most effective strategies are not always the safest.

For instance, if you are a woman in traffic jam you can always walk to the nearest safe exit, but if youre a man and are stuck behind a woman, it might be best to drive instead.

As a rule of thumb, people in congested areas should use common sense and stay in their lane and do not attempt to make a break for it.