A new tool that lets you keep track of your Amazon purchases and purchases on the Kindle app will be available soon for the Kindle Fire tablet.

The feature is part of the Kindle Paperwhite, a $50 device with a 3.3-inch screen that is also capable of displaying apps, a camera, and a stylus.

The Kindle Paperblack, however, is an e-reader with a screen size of just 1.5 inches.

While the Paperwhite has an optional Kindle Paperbook that comes with an app that lets users customize its screen size, the Paperblack will only be available as a standalone app.

The new Kindle Paperblues app, available as part of an upcoming firmware update for the device, is also available to download on Amazon’s app store for $3.99.

This is the first time that Amazon has made this kind of an offering available to the Kindle user base.

The app works similarly to the Amazon app store, but instead of allowing the user to create an account and upload their purchases, it’s designed to let them store and track their Amazon purchases through a single app.

This allows the user not only to make and manage purchases, but also to see when they are made.

The main difference between the Paperblue and Paperblack apps is that they have an integrated camera that takes photos when they’re in use.

Amazon has also been testing the PaperBlues with customers to make sure they are happy with their purchases.

The Paperblued Paperbluys camera also takes some screenshots to allow you to check on your purchases, and when you are logged in, the app will let you know the current price of your purchases.

If you want to be able to check the exact price of a purchase that you made using your Kindle, you can also click on the price in the app and check that the item is on the list.

The software update will be rolled out to all of the Paperblue devices, but will be restricted to certain regions.

While you can use the software update to update your Kindle PaperBlue to the latest firmware, the new software update won’t allow you the ability to update the Kindle paperblues software itself.

You’ll have to upgrade your Kindle to the newest firmware in order to be allowed to make purchases using the PaperBlue app.

You can also use the PaperBlack software update, but it will only let you make purchases in regions that are compatible with the Kindle software.

The first PaperBlued PaperBluys owners will be able use the new Paperblux software update that Amazon announced earlier this week, which will be made available to customers in the United States.

It’s a similar update to the PaperBluetree update that the company announced earlier in the year.

Both software updates will let users access Amazon’s cloud storage services for free for 30 days.

Users will be required to sign up for a new account to make the upgrades.

The company has promised to release an update for all Kindle Paper Blues that will let them make purchases on Amazon.com and other Amazon sites that use the same e-commerce platform.

Amazon said that all customers will be given access to the software in the coming weeks.

The update is also designed to help improve performance.

The updates will also give the PaperBLues a little more control over the app store.

While it’s unclear how Amazon will enforce the changes to the app, the company has already begun a review process that could potentially affect the software’s ability to run on devices that do not have a Kindle PaperBlack on board.

The updated software update is not available for purchase, but you can check it out for free by downloading it from Amazon’s App Store.